Former Students

It was a pleasure having you in my class. I am happy to provide a reference or letter of recommendation or to answer any questions or comments you have about material we discussed in class. Please use the contact form below to remain in contact.

Letters of Recommendation/Reference

Please provide me with 30 days notice prior to the deadline of a written recommendation. If you wish to list me as a reference, please contact me prior to listing me as a reference. In your email, please provide me with basic information about what you are applying for, your long-term career goals, and how the job, scholarship, or academic opportunity you are applying for will enhance your ability to meet that goal. This will help me to provide the best reference or recommendation possible. It would also be helpful if you provided me with the grade you received in my class.

Social Media

It is my policy to not accept friend requests on my personal social media accounts from students while they are in my class. In general, I will accept requests after grades have been submitted if the student is graduating. If the student is not graduating, then I will, in general, wait one semester after the class ends before accepting friend requests.

Current and former students are more than welcome to follow my professional social media accounts at any time:

Contact Form

Please use this form to contact me. I will make every endeavor to respond within 2-3 business days.