A Spirit That Is Not Afraid to Do What’s Right

A Open Letter to the Auburn Family

Like many alumni of our great Auburn Family, I have watched with horror and shame over the past few weeks as white supremacy reared its uninspired head on the loveliest little campus on the “loveliest village on the plains.” Tonight, the Auburn community demonstrated the fullness of its creed: it rose to “doing justly” with “a spirit that is not afraid.” Mr. Spencer demonstrated how unoriginal, base, and ignorant white supremacy is. In turn, our community demonstrated the power of love, of peace, and of refusing to cower to intimidation, fear-mongering, and perpetuating the pain of slavery and genocide. To those students who stood up to hate, and to those who are victims of it today and every day, I stand in solidarity with the anguish and courage of the last few days. I am proud of you and am proud to be not just an alumna of our great school, I look forward to joining you as a returning graduate student and colleague in the Fall. To those students who turned out in support of the fascist and neo-Nazi message of Mr. Spencer, I exhort you to reexamine the creed which is the foundation of everything upon which Auburn is built. None of the views espoused therein are personified by the so-called “alt-right.” Such regressive and oppressive views are not Auburn and its students. Such views have any place in our society, and history has never favored those like Spencer and his kind. I exhort you to reexamine your lives and to take every advantage of the education you will receive at Auburn which will foster in you “a sound mind” and “cultivate sympathy” for your fellow human beings.

War Damn Solidarity,