Don’t Look For Shooting Stars For Love Is Only Love

In the end, the film isn’t just making fun of the “classic” notion of sparky, passionate romance and “it only takes a moment” love portrayed by Cornelius and Irene. It takes it a step further and makes fun of us for reacting more emotionally to that romance than to Horace and Dolly’s.


If You Ever Need a Friend in North Dakota Then Seek Dakota OutRight

Dakota OutRight does so much for their community, and it is time that their community does something for them. On Thursday, April 20, Dakota OutRight will be participating in GiveOUT Day 2017. Dakota OutRight is participating for the first time, and they have a goal of $5,000. I exhort the LGBTQ+ community of North Dakota, and its allies, to dig into your pockets, purses, or couch cushions to help this amazing organization reach and exceed this very reasonable goal.

A Sermon For Lent

In these dark and troubling times of “me first” and “making ourselves great” at the expense of others, it is easy for us to lose sight of the very real fact that no person is an island entire of itself, no nation is a nation entire to itself.

America Cannot be Great Unless it is Good

When we stop seeing people as people, we devalue human life. When we devalue human life, the human mind goes to a place where starving human beings to death, torturing them in scientific experiments, working them until they are too weak to go further, or crowding them into a gas chamber full of carbon dioxide is acceptable.

Corrosive, destructive, and fragile power

If you could trace all of the problems in our culture back to a single problem, one culprit would be toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is a vile collection of harmful behaviors and attitudes which are often attributed to, and performed by, men. It is one of many harmful components of patriarchy which informs the reactions…

Talking about suicide saves lives

Many people are concerned that if they discuss suicide with a person who they think may be experiencing thoughts of suicide, then that person might be at increased risk for making a suicide attempt. However, recent research on this topic indicates that there is no significant correlation between asking about suicide and making a suicide…